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A314 as a Cluster Controller for your Amiga

My rabbit Hole of the day!

My rabbit Hole of the day!   Ok, this could be a fun one, so think about leveraging other Pi’s outside your Amiga and creating a cluster wirelessly.  Wireless networking is the only connection you need for your swarm. 

You can have different Pi Models in your swarm.  This is nice is it wouldn’t need more power from your Amiga or more space and you could just control the cluster to distribute workloads.

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Raspberry Pi Cluster Emulation With Docker Compose

This would be a major project unto itself.  Maybe add it to my todo list, by then Pis might be cheaper, lol

If you wonder what kind of drugs I am on with this stuff, lol .. here is my thinking on it.  So with Docker you could run QEMU and within run Pi emulations and within those Pi instances, you could run Amiga Emulations.    So if you can access those as native windows on your Amiga, you could offload programs on to them.  Maybe you have an Emulator that runs a particular program that is resource intensive. (edited)

Maybe another VM Amiga is just for Games and setup like 68000… etc .  maybe you have another node in the cluster running just Pi VNC. Your PiZer0 can be the cluster manager.  Maybe one container runs Mac Emulation, another Atari, or whatever you want.  I think you more than get it by now. (edited)

So your a314 clockport becomes your cluster controller and enables you to do more with it by giving you more horsepower while allowing you to scale at your own pace and needs.  So you can deploy things like a VNC server with full Pi OS desktop to another Pi within your cluster and not need to use any of your Zero’s resources to run it.  IE, add a Pi 4B to your clockport outside your machine.  You can keep adding as many as you like, but you know, there are only so many things you might want to do.  1 nice Pi outside would be more than enough.  and of course, there is the limited bandwidth your clockport can handle.  But maybe if you have a PiStorm in your machine, you could add it to the cluster. (edited)  and there you have it, someone already running Amiga Emulators in Docker.

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Ok, time to jump out of todays Rabbit hole!