MAC SE/30 Part 1

Having done more research and thinking hard about what i wanted I have decided to just keep this as a Mac Classic based off MacintoshPi. I think after playing with the real Mac I received it helped me make this decision. I also have a real 486DX coming that I will be able to make into a Multi OS Boot Box for some of those retro Intel based Operating systems.

As you can see below my Bezel arrived and I ordered two just in case since I had JCP print them.

Here I laid the bezel into the Mac front case and am testing what it might turnout like. The screen I selected is a bit of a tight fit, however, it looks like this might work out. This weekend I will loosely set things in place on my desk for the front of the case and fire up MacintoshPi and see how things will look on this display and tune the display dimensions.

My thoughts are that it will sit in the face cover something like this. Not the display controls can go in the floppy slot. I hijacked the display out of its case so it makes for potentially a nice solution. The display board is on 1 1/2 inch plastic posts and can be glue gunned in to its final spot. Note how II left the original Mac Speaker in the case. One issue I see already is the notch at the right side of this picture. Hopefully I can just leave the display off center and adjust the size and position in the Pi Config.

The display I used might seem unusual, and perhaps its not going to work, time will tell when I test soon! It is a Bnztruk 14 Inch Portable Monitor with HDMI & VGA Port 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Screen Display for Raspberry Pi, Laptop, PC, MacBook, Xbox, PS3,PS4,60HZ,5ms, PC 16:9 External.

So I likely will tack some of this in place temporary with a glue gun and then test it out with the Pi and tweak. Next weekend I hope to retro-bright the case and get that knocked out! One part that may take a bit is the ability to use the original keyboard and mouse. That part wont get here until February!

That’s all for this update!

Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy!