Mac Color Classic Mystic

I thought I would share some of the fun I am having with the Mystic.


I have not been able to get ethernet up and running yet. As you can see I took out the card to make sure what it is and verified its Genuine Apple. Its a 820-0607-A Apple Ethernet Card. I will have a lot more to do on this. Keep in mind while I have owned a few Macs in my life, most were more modern. Probably the oldest I owned was an iMac G3 in the late 90’s. I still have my Mac Mini from 2012 and I once had a MacBook Pro both were Intel based.

That being said I will keep researching on it, however, I also ordered a RaSCSI Pi Zer0 2 SCSI emulator and will give that a go. I went with the Chicken PI PISCSI dongle {for a lack of better words) and look forward to fiddling with it.

Next up was getting a PRAM battery in place, my Mac didnt come with one. I purchased a simple 3AAA Batter holder and found a Motherboard connector laying around and put that together. I opted to use non-Alkline batteries to avoid any possible leakage.

Next up as you can see in the top photo I got a Floppy Emu Model C Deluxe Bundle × 1 from Big Mess o’ Wires.

I wont lie, that case is a pain in the a$$ to peal off the protective layer and assemble. Follow the link to the case assembly and follow the pictures exactly and you will be fine. This is to support the Apple IIe card in my Mac Mystic. It will provide floppy and HD emulation and I will spend some time in the future diving more into both the Mac and IIe. I purchased a lot of nice acrylic small bins to support all my projects and parts. You can see I am working from one of them in this picture and they sit nicely in my makeshift shelving unit I built. While the picture below is just a cell snap pano (reason it looks curved) you can see the storage bins on the shelving and how everything is evolving.

As I reflect on all this and how much work I have gotten done lately, I have to say, I am in Retro Nirvana now. Its all getting organized and coming together. I think that is even more fun for me to see a massive project like this come together and become real and organized!

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